Plant: C.da Due Pozzi - Rutigliano (Bari - Italy)
Main office: Via Diego Martinelli, 24 - 70018 - Rutigliano (Bari - Italy)
Tel. +39.348.334.28.89 - +39.080.476.16.09 - Fax : +

The main aim of the manager of this company has always been selling its products directly to chains of supermarkets assuring perfect timing in deliveries and an extremely competitive quality/price ratio in the absence of intermediaries.

At present the company supplies more than 100 hypermarkets and supermarkets belonging to different chains of distribution.

The supply period runs from July to December according to the ripening time period of the varieties.
The company can also provide customized packaging responding to the needs of both customers and outlets. This is part of the company's policy of cooperation that has been established over the years with GDO customers on the basis of ever increasing volumes of sale.
Processing and preservation plant for fruit and vegetable products,
lately built, situated in Rutigliano (Bari)

Uses advanced cooling method (glycole water) for preserving fruit and vegetable products and it's equipped with a tunnel of fast falling in temperature.