Plant: C.da Due Pozzi - Rutigliano (Bari - Italy)
Main office: Via Diego Martinelli, 24 - 70018 - Rutigliano (Bari - Italy)
Tel. +39.348.334.28.89 - +39.080.476.16.09 - Fax : +

The company is situated in Rutigliano- in the province of Bari- just a few kilometres from the "A 14 BARI/BOLOGNA" motorway.

The cultivated land covers a surface of 50 hectars placed, above all, in the surrounding area of Rutigliano, which is a town located in the South-Eastern area of the province of Bari, well-known for the production of excellent table grapes.

The proximity of the town to the sea (7 km) makes this area ideal for these crops due to its microclimate which is suitable for enhanced maturation of the product.
Continuous search for product quality has always been the vision of company manager Mr. Giovanni Scianatico, who has planned the different phases of business growth while keeping steady links with the market and its changing needs. Within this perspective he has introduced new crops of 'apirene' grapes as well as other new varieties (e.g. Superior and Red Globe).
A special concern for the problem of chemical residues and of the enviromental impact has led the company to join the programme of 'Integrated Control' organized by the 'Consortium for the Defence of Intensive Crops of the Province of Bari' (CODIBA). 
Scianatico's Company has been assisted by the engineers of the Consortium in the utilization of minimal enviromental impact techniques and in the implementation of strategies for the protection from and reduction of chemicals in compliance with prescribed doses and shortage periods of the chemicals recommended and used.
For further information see page "Controlled quality programme"